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Employee Self-Service Portal

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What’s Inside?

Our team of 100% US-based ServiceNow experts developed thispre-built Employee Self Service Portal implementation strategy to transform the employee experience and boost organizational productivity.  

The Employee Self ‘Service Portal leverages ServiceNow data to present employees with a user-friendly web portal that acts as a gateway to important information, tasks, and resources. Organizations of all sizes, cultures, and maturity levels can expect increased employee engagement upon implementing a Service PortalCerna’s experts offer two unique approaches for Service Portal implementations, based on the needs of the organization: 

1) QuickStart Service Portal

Connect the organization and boost internal brand confidence with a responsive, mobile-friendly support experience. Empower employees with self-service capabilities that drive transparency while deflecting IT support requests and incidents. This plan enhances out of the box functionality and is most suitable for organizations between 1000-5000 employees that are looking to implement aServiceNow Employee Self Service Portal fast!  

2) Personalized ServiceNow Service Portal

This offering expands upon the QuickStart implementation, to provide personalized, multi-department browsing experiences that return tailored search results and favorites. Continuously improve organizational efficiency with self-service analytics and metrics. This plan is most suitable for larger organizations looking to implement a Service Portal that drives transparency and confidence across the organization; from the C-suite executives all the way down to entry-level employees. 

Download our prescriptive offering PDF to explore details for each of the Service Portal plans, including 

  • Project timeline broken down by phases  
  • Estimated project participation for your stakeholders in hours, mapped to each phase 
  • Cerna staffing and roles 
  • Full project scope 
  • Predicted business outcomes and benefits 
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